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We aim to create a supportive workplace that prioritises long term wellbeing, for the individual and the organisation.

In order to reach this goal, we offer a variety of services. Take a look at some of the services we offer, and please get in touch if you have any questions. 

We share our expertise in supporting staff through mental, physical, workload, remote working and communication challenges.

In our workshops, we discuss the evidence based theory and medicine that supports long term workplace wellbeing and provide practical tools and techniques to help your teams feel inspired, connected and thriving!


Services we provide:

1 hour workshops (1 topic area)

Half day workshop (Up to 3 topic areas)

Full day interactive workshop (Up to 6 topic areas)

Workshop Menu

- Team resilience, recognising and managing burnout

- Addressing workplace and team culture

- Nutrition and physical activity in the workplace

- Ways to manage your time and workload 

- Digital wellbeing and boundary setting

- How to achieve a WorkWell workplace

- Working from home effectively

*In person workshops can be discussed if they would be useful for your team.

**We can incorporate an interactive physical component during a break run by Dr Nirja. 

***We can also create a session depending on your needs. We are currently developing new content with regards to Imposter Syndrome, Proactivity and Productivity and Sustainability within the workplace. 

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We have run a set of workshops for consultants on how they could best support their trainees and had fantastic feedback and engagement.

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These were run in the midst of the pandemic.
They were not about patient protocols or PPE but focussed on personal and team wellbeing.
We provided teaching in a relaxed setting supported with exercises and expertise from the fields of CBT, ACT and coaching as well as some peer advice that stemmed from the collective discussion.
Our goal was to provide a safe space for the difficult conversations, leaving participants feeling uplifted and with tools to help focus on their own emotional and physical health too.

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Our Services: Services
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